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The Curbsiders Internal Medicine Podcast

Supercharge your learning as these board-certified Internists interview the experts to bring you clinical pearls, practice changing knowledge, and a healthy dose of humor. 

Sep 25, 2017

Solidify your approach to back pain and sciatica with Dr. Chris Miles, Assistant Professor, Family & Community Medicine and Associate Director, Sports Medicine program, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. He schools us on red/yellow flags, physical exam maneuvers, when to order imaging, and practical tools and tips...

Sep 18, 2017


Get a-HEAD of concussions (aka traumatic brain injuries) with tools, tips, and tricks from The Concussion Guy, Dr. Evan Ratner, Medical Director of Gridiron Heroes. Learn to recognize concussions/traumatic brain injury, what questions to ask, physical exam maneuvers, and how to counsel patients and families on...

Sep 15, 2017

Improve your prescribing practices with tips from The Curbsiders as Matt, Stuart and Paul “Pwilliams” discuss safe prescribing in frail, older adults with diabetes, chronic kidney disease, hypertension, and/or dementia in this part two episode on polypharmacy and deprescribing.

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Sep 11, 2017

Avoid common pitfalls, recognize prescribing cascades, and deprescribe like a champ with tips from Clinical Pharmacist, Dr. Sean M. Jeffery, Clinical Professor of Pharmacy at the University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy, and Chair of the Polypharmacy Special Interest Group for the American Geriatrics society. We...

Sep 4, 2017

Enhance your skills in the identification and management of eating disorders with clinical pearls from Dr. Rosalind Kaplan, Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University and a Primary Care Physician in Jefferson Women's Primary Care. We learn who to screen for eating disorders, what questions...