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The Curbsiders Internal Medicine Podcast

Supercharge your learning as these board-certified Internists interview the experts to bring you clinical pearls, practice changing knowledge, and a healthy dose of humor. 

Apr 24, 2017

A recap and highlights from ACP 2017, Internal Medicine's largest national conference, with Dr. Alan Dow MD, MSHA, FACP, Professor of Medicine from Virginia Commonwealth University. We discuss iron supplementations, shellfish allergies and IV contrast, proton pump inhibitors, and more!

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Apr 17, 2017

Master the management of major depressive disorder (MDD) with clinical pearls from Dr. Marius Marcel Commodore, Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine and Psychiatry from Temple University Hospital. We cover diagnosis, patient counseling, choice of agent, dose titration, augmentation...and DJ names?

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Apr 10, 2017

An approach to super utilizers, and difficult patients with Dr. Alex Lane, Assistant Professor of Medicine at Cooper University Hospital. In this wide ranging discussion we cover books, learning, super utilizers, hot spotting, and how to approach difficult patients.

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Apr 3, 2017

Dominate the diagnosis and management of dementia with tips from international expert Dr. Stephen Dekosky, Professor of Neurology, and deputy director of the McKnight Brain Institute at the University of Florida. Filled with clinical pearls, we cover everything from basic testing to advanced imaging modalities, as well...