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The Curbsiders Internal Medicine Podcast

Supercharge your learning as these board-certified Internists interview the experts to bring you clinical pearls, practice changing knowledge, and a healthy dose of humor. 

Mar 30, 2016

If headache patients strike fear in your heart, then this is the episode for you. In this episode The Curbsiders interview Internist and Headache Specialist Dr. Glen D. Solomon to deconstruct the topics of migraine and chronic tension type headaches. Dr. Solomon is currently a Professor and Chair of the Department of...

Mar 15, 2016

In this part 1 of 2 episode on the non-Vitamin K oral anticoagulants, The Curbsiders discuss these novel medications and other changes associated with the updated 2016 CHEST guidelines for anticoagulation. 

Mar 1, 2016

In this interview, Matt speaks with Dr. Paul Williams about the SPRINT Trial of Intensive blood pressure control and how it is likely to change clinical practice. Tony and Stuart discuss their own take-home points from the trial. Discussion of ARBs you've never heard of and the holy grail of blood pressure...