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The Curbsiders Internal Medicine Podcast

Supercharge your learning as these board-certified Internists interview the experts to bring you clinical pearls, practice changing knowledge, and a healthy dose of humor. 

Dec 30, 2019

Recap extravaganza 2019 featuring top pearls from our staff’s favorite episodes of 2019 and voicemails from Kashlak faculty, Dr. Avital O’Glasser (@aoglasser), Dr. Kimberly Manning (@gradydoctor), Dr. Renee Dversdal (@DrSonosRD) and The Curbsiders team. Topics include: HFpEF, the PARAGON-HF trial, Buprenorphine, Opioid Use Disorder, Cirrhosis, Coagulopathy, SBP, Hyperkalemia treatment, Multimorbidity, and how to think about NNT. Plus, the team shares a bunch of other favorite moments and random pearls!

Upcoming shows: The next two weeks will feature REBOOT episodes with fresh intros from The Curbsiders team. Season 9 starts January 20, 2020 with a Lipid Update from Cardiologist Dr. Erin Michos (@ErinMichos)

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  • Produced by: Sarah Phoebe Roberts MPH and Chris Chiu MD, FACP, FAAP 
  • Writer: Sarah Phoebe Roberts MPH
  • Infographic: Sarah Phoebe Roberts MPH
  • Cover Art: Kate Grant MBChB DipGUMed
  • Hosts: Chris Chiu MD, FACP, FAAP; Stuart Brigham MD; Matthew Watto MD, FACP; Paul Williams MD, FACP   
  • Editor: Chris Chiu MD, FACP, FAAP (audio), Matthew Watto MD, FACP (show notes)

Time Stamps

  • 00:00 Intro and disclaimer
  • 04:25 Picks of the year*: The Expanse (TV show) -Chiu Man’s pick; Midsommar (film) -Paul’s pick; Point-of-care-ultrasound (ACP course at IM2020 in LA or AIUM courses with Dr. Renee Dversdal @DrSonosRD) -Matt’s pick; Sleep!!! -Stuart pick
  • 08:37 Hyperkalemia Master Class Joel Topf MD
  • 14:53 Multimorbidity Games with Josh Uy MD
  • 21:54 Buprenorphine Master Master Class with Michael Fingerhood MD
  • 27:50 Cirrhosis TIPS for Acute Complications with Scott Matherly MD
  • 31:55 HFpEF with Clyde Yancy MD
  • 39:50 Chronic pain, sickle cell disease, opioid tapers
  • 43:13 Teaching in the Hospital
  • 46:00 A quote from Paul Williams
  • 47:35 Celebrity voicemails from Avital O’Glasser MD, Kimberly Manning MD,  and Renee Dversdal MD
  • 51:55 Voicemails and favorite pearls from our Curbsiders team!
  • 62:23 Outro


Listeners will recall some of the top pearls from Curbsiders episodes on cirrhosis, buprenorphine, HFpEF, multimorbidity and hyperkalemia.


  1. The Expanse (TV show) -Chiu Man’s pick
  2. Midsommar (film) -Paul’s pick
  3. Point-of-care-ultrasound (ACP course at IM2020 in LA or AIUM courses with Dr. Renee Dversdal @DrSonosRD) -Matt’s pick
  4. Sleep!!! -Stuart pick

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Roberts SP, Chiu CJ, Williams PN, Brigham SK, Watto MF. “#190 Recap Extravaganza 2019”. The Curbsiders Internal Medicine Podcast. December 30, 2019.