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The Curbsiders Internal Medicine Podcast

Supercharge your learning as these board-certified Internists interview the experts to bring you clinical pearls, practice changing knowledge, and a healthy dose of humor. 

Oct 19, 2018

Join us in this roundtable discussion of patients before paperwork, administrative burden, the new CMS payment model proposal, and a bit on health insurance with cohost, Fatima Syed MD MSc and guest, Deep Shah MD MSc. Doctors Syed and Shah are both early career physicians with masters degrees in comparative social policy from Oxford University and are active members of the American College of Physicians. ACP members can visit to claim free CME-MOC credit for this episode.

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Written and produced by: Fatima Syed MD MSc and Matthew Watto MD

CME questions by: Matthew Watto MD

Hosts: Fatima Syed MD MSc, Matthew Watto MD

Guest: Deep Shah MD MSc

Time Stamps

  • 00:00 Disclaimer, intro, and guest bios
  • 02:18 Guest one liners, book recommendations, picks of the week
  • 11:00 Administrative burden
  • 16:00 Will the documentation problem get better? Suggestions for improvement
  • 25:11 Why do CMS rules spread to the private insurance sector?
  • 29:30 What innovations might reduce administrative burden?
  • 32:40 The Affordable Care Act, health insurance, price transparency
  • 40:20 Take home points
  • 43:20 Outro