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The Curbsiders Internal Medicine Podcast

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Jun 11, 2018

Step up your primary care of cancer survivors with tips from Dr Regina Jacob, Assistant Professor of Medicine at Temple University. Care of the cancer patient does not end when their cancer treatment is over, and there is more to a past diagnosis of cancer than surveillance. We discuss cancer survivorship care with Dr. Regina Jacob, including the changing demographics of survivorship, the importance of survivorship care plans, and how survivorship is largely just good primary care.

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  • Written by: Paul Williams MD
  • Hosts: Stuart Brigham MD, Matthew Watto MD, and Paul Williams MD
  • Produced by: Paul Williams MD
  • Edited by: Matthew Watto MD
  • Guest: Regina Jacob MD 

Time Stamps

  • 00:00 Disclaimer
  • 00:35 Intro to the topic and guest bio
  • 02:15 Guest one liner, book and app recommendations
  • 06:58 Paul’s pick of the week.
  • 07:40 Clinical case, definitions, and phases survivorship
  • 12:36 Survivorship statistics
  • 15:04 Co-survivorship
  • 17:41 Care models for survivorship
  • 20:56 Assigning roles in care of cancer survivors
  • 22:59 Sample survivorship care plan
  • 27:39 Childhood, adolescent and young adult cancer survivorship
  • 34:18 Sexual dysfunction in cancer survivorship
  • Turn down Watto and Regina tracks
  • 35:56 Stressors in young adult cancer survivors
  • 37:33 Fatigue
  • 43:28 Guidelines on survivorship
  • 45:06 Late cardiac toxicity
  • 46:23 Support groups and resources
  • 49:04 Take home points
  • 50:29 Outro 

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