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The Curbsiders Internal Medicine Podcast

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Sep 24, 2018


Geriatric depression got you down? Boost your spirits with tips and tactics from Geriatric Psychiatrist, Dennis Popeo MD, Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry at NYU Langone Medical Center. Topics include: suicide in the older adults; how to diagnosis depression in older adults; how to counsel patients about antidepressants, how to choose an antidepressant, how to monitor and titrate medications, and how long to continue therapy. Stay tuned for part two of our discussion with Dr Popeo on managing sleep and behavioral problems in older adult patients with dementia.

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Written & Produced by: Jordana Kozupsky NP, Matthew Watto MD

Artwork by: Kate Grant MD

Hosts: Jordana Kozupsky NP, Matthew Watto MD

Editor: Matthew Watto MD

Guest: Dennis Popeo, MD

Time Stamps

  • 00:00 A question for you, the listeners
  • 01:12 Disclaimer, intro and guest bio
  • 05:00 Getting to know our guest, recommendations for reading, and career advice
  • 14:13 Case of geriatric depression; effective history taking; recognizing associated symptoms; depression scales
  • 19:03 Suicide in older adults; firearm safety
  • 24:26 Choice of therapy; Pharmacologic agents; Counseling patients and managing expectations; Dose titration and tracking symptoms
  • 34:41 Augmenting therapy versus cross-titration to another agent; When is it okay to stop an antidepressant
  • 40:50 Take home points
  • 44:40 Outro

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