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The Curbsiders Internal Medicine Podcast

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Aug 6, 2018

“Women in medicine, be bold.” Medical World, powerful women are here to stay. Dr. Vineet (Vinny) Arora, Professor of Medicine at University of Chicago, an exemplary Woman in Medicine and Leadership, shares snippets of her own story, valuable career advice to folks at all levels of training, and fascinating data about the gender disparities that exist in training, promotion, and pay.  We hope you’ll learn from this episode, whether you have faced or anticipate facing these struggles as a Woman in Medicine or as a member of another marginalized group, or whether you’re an ally and want to learn more about the issue.

Women are entering medical school now more than ever, and are learning to provide the best possible care to patients (didn’t you see that patients of female physicians have significantly lower mortality rates than patients of male physicians? (Tsugawa et al., 2016)).  The modern medical woman wants to teach, mentor, and lead--and be fairly evaluated, and promoted. That’s where We In Medicine (both women and men) have some work to do.  Because gender disparities (and other disparities hinging on identity) do exist.

N.b. This episode is our inaugural in what we hope will be a Women in Medicine series for the Curbsiders.  We have many more topics with which we’d like to engage, from career trajectory to imposter syndrome to sexual harassment to balancing career and personal lives (as inequity is not only at work (Khullar. Being a Doctor is Hard. It’s Harder for Women. NYT 2017)), to conversations about race, gender, and LGBTQ identity in medicine.  We’re passionate, at The Curbsiders, about all these topics, and we want to dive deep into how to make Medicine a more welcoming and ceiling-less place for all.  We can’t wait to bring this series to you, not to mention to bring some more fabulous female experts on air.

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  • Written and produced by: Leah Witt MD, Shreya P. Trivedi MD, Nora Taranto AB, Sarah Phoebe Roberts MPH, Molly Heublein MD, Beth Garbitelli, Hannah R Abrams,
  • Images by: Beth Garbitelli and Hannah Abrams
  • Editor: Matthew Watto MD
  • Hosts: Leah Witt MD, Shreya P. Trivedi MD, Matthew Watto MD
  • Guest: Vineet Arora MD

Time Stamps

  • 00:00 Disclaimer and intro
  • 03:15 Guest bio, and one liner
  • 05:55 Dr Arora’s Women in medicine moment of awakening
  • 11:05 Advice to young women, “Be bold”
  • 13:20 Picks of the week
  • 16:45 Mistaken identity. Women not recognized as physicians due to appearance
  • 22:05 Gender bias starts early in training and why it's important to shout-out accomplishments
  • 31:24 Contracts, promotions and the leaky pipeline
  • 38:32 Defining coaches, sponsors, and mentors
  • 44:06 How to use your team and shout-out your accomplishments
  • 52:04 How to write effective evaluations and letters that avoid gender bias
  • 53:55 Take home points
  • 57:00 Outro

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